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UXify Bulgaria 2015 - UX Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria

Part of UX Month Sofia


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Jason Beres VP of Product Management @ Infragistics

Jason Beres

Jason Beres, VP of Product Management, Community, and Developer Evangelism As the Vice President of Product Management, Community, and Evangelism, Jason spearheads customer-driven, innovative features and functionality throughout all of Infragistics' products. Mr. Beres is a Microsoft .NET MVP, on the INETA Speakers Bureau, and the author of multiple books on various .NET technologies, the latest being Silverlight 4 Professional from Wrox Press. @jasonberes

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Tobias Komischke Ph.D.

Tobias has been working in the area of user experience for over 12 years. During that time, he has led projects and teams to create user interfaces of superior usability and compelling appeal in various industries. He joined Infragistics in 2008 to build and manage the UX team as Practice Director. His specialty is Human Factors Engineering which is rooted in his academic background in cognitive psychology. An acknowledged evangelist for user-centered design strategy, methods and processes, Tobias is a frequent speaker at conferences and author for technical journals, magazines and blogs. He is a reviewer for international journals and conferences and is a member of UXPA.

Jim Ross – Senior UX Architect @ Infragistics

Jim Ross

Jim has been conducting user research and designing user experiences for over 15 years. As a UX consultant, he has worked on Web sites, mobile apps, intranets, Web applications, software, and business applications for clients in a variety of industries. He has a Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction and is a frequent author and presenter at UX conferences. Senior UX Architect @ Infragistics

Product Experience Officer, SAP Labs Bulgaria

Dimiter Simov

Dimiter Simov (Jimmy) works in the field of user experience since 1997. He has stepped in the roles of usability analyst, usability consultant, interaction and UI designer, QA, user documentation writer, trainer, and mentor.

Stefan Ivanov UX Architect @ Infragistics

Stefan Ivanov

Stefan is a master graduate of RWTH-Aachen, Germany in Media Informatics with specialization in Human-Computer Interaction and UX Design. After graduation he took an interesting career path including the development of interfaces for mobile applications, starting his own company, kicking off a full course in UX Design and joining recently the design team of Infragistics Bulgaria as a UX Architect.

George Balinov Co­founder & Creative Director @ HYPEs

George Balinov

George is a multidisciplinary visual artist with focus on UX and UI design, that has graduated with Bachelor and Master degree in Graphic Design from New Bulgarian University. His professional experience includes leading a team of Designers and Artist for more than 10 years in XS Software, as well as maintaining a freelance career in the meantime. Today though, he’s a co-founder and creative director at HYPE - a full-service digital agency where he manages the creation of digital products for clients from different industries all over the world.

Todor Panev UX & UI Designer

Todor Panev

Todor Panev is a designer who focuses his work on Usability and the functional aspects of Visual Design. With a strong background in Graphic Design and many years of experience in the freelance sector as well as the corporate world, he strives to bring ease of use and productivity to everything he creates.

Anton Radev – Senior Front-End Developer @ SoftServe

Anton Radev

Anton is the author of the book “Design, Humans and Interactions” (Дизайн, Хора и Взаимодействия, 2013). Former owner of a web agency and Design department manager in a social network startup. Jury at the BG SITE 2014 Competition. After 10 years of experience in the design and the development in various fields, Anton recently joined SoftServe as a Senior Front-End Engineer.

Stoyan Dipchikov - CTO/Creative Technologist/Integration Manager @ Despark

Stoyan Dipchikov

Stoyan is one of Despark's pioneers and has been with the company since it was a startup. He has laid the groundwork of the Despark's technical team and is still managing it to this day taking care of all code produced by the dev teams. He started working as a developer at the age of 16. An engineer by degree he has more than 10 years of experience in professional web development. Over the years he has covered almost every role at Despark. His new passion is related to UX, technological concepts and how they work together.

Deyan Halachliyski – Interaction Designer at VMware

Deyan Halachliyski

Deyan is a UX designer with a focus on interaction design and user research. He has experience in designing for various platforms – desktop, web, mobile, Kinect, wearables. Deyan has worked for enterprise software companies such as SAP and BOSCH and is part of VMware Bulgaria’s UX team since 2013. He has a master’s degree in Media Informatics from RWTH-Aachen, Germany with a specialization in HCI.

Georgi Kapitanski – Interaction Designer at VMware

Georgi Kapitanski

Georgi is a UX designer with a focus on interaction design and user research. He has experience in designing for various platforms – desktop, web, mobile, physical products. Georgi is part of VMware Bulgaria’s UX team since 2013. Previously he has worked as product designer and user experience designer SAP, Teletek Electronics and Vivacom.

Georgi Kapitanski – Interaction Designer at VMware

Grigor Grigorov

Grigor Grigorov has a BS degree in "Informatics" and MS in "Graphic Design". He is currently advancing in his PhD Thesis - "Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services". He has been professionally involved in web development since 1999. The set of skills - programming, design and usability, enables him to work as an UX/ UI Designer at MentorMate Bulgaria. His topics of interest and exploration include conceptual design, behavioral patterns, research and usability testing.

Simona Georgieva – UI/UX Designer @ OrderDynamics

Simona Georgieva

Simona is a UX/UI designer, working in the eCommerce sector across multiple channels including responsive websites, mobile & tablet apps and in-store apps. After completing her Master’s degree in Graphic design, Simona joined eCommera, where she is working on various projects for big international retailers. eCommera is part of Isobar, our clients are big brands such as Victoria’s secret, House of Fraser, Clarins, Speedo and many more.

Martin Bonov – KickflipX

Martin Bonov

As an Interactive Director in Kickflip, Martin is a juggler of sorts. Skilled at finding new ways to simplify web workflow and casting interaction spells, he held various web/UI design job titles for the last 7 years. Martin brought to life the entire experience of more than 100 web sites and mobile apps for online retail stores, travel companies, FMCG brands and media outlets. An adrenaline junkie, he can usually be found with his skateboard or snowboard.

Jordan Petrov – KickflipX

Jordan Petrov

Jordan is Managing Partner in Kickflip, being directly responsible for User Research and the Strategy Phase of every project. His main responsibility is to build the bridge between clients and designers. He has acquired years of expertise in marketing positions on both agency and client-side. By applying KPI frameworks and studying consumer behavior, he has delivered actionable insights to brands like Yahoo, Vodafone, M&S, AmEx, Unilever, Deloitte and many more. A keen cyclist, he likes to spend his spare time travelling.

Max Pirsky – KickflipX

Max Pirsky

Creative Director in Kickflip. Driven by his obsession with finding simple solutions to complex problems, Max has developed consistent visual identities for a diverse range of brands. His work has been featured in web galleries like Behance, Abduzeedo, Typography Served and many more. Max holds a master’s degree in graphic design from Istituto Europeo di Design in Florence and has a deep passion for lettering and snowboarding.

Kalina Zhuleva – Creative Shower

Kalina Zhuleva

Kalina Zhuleva comes with a background of a clinical psychologist. For the past 14 years she has been working in advertising, ten of which have been as a manager of New Moment, one of the leading agencies in the sector in Bulgaria, working with Vivacom, Danone, Toyota, Kamenitza and many others.

Rene Tomova – Creative Shower

Rene Tomova

Rene Tomova completed a Master's in Business Administration and Branding at the Weatherhead School of Management and Thunderbird School in USA. She has been working for ten years in the telecommunications industry in the areas of marketing, sales, CRM, integrated solutions and during her last three years at Mtel she managed the retail network of the company. For the past two years she has served as a mentor-in-residence at Eleven Accelerator Venture Fund and built her own practice as a facilitator and coach.

Lora Todorova – Creative Shower

Lora Todorova

Lora Todorova graduated in International Business and Management in the Netherlands and South Africa, and then co-founded a startup in Berlin. Following the entrepreneurial spirit, she returned to Sofia and joined the Eleven family as a co-founder. She has specialized in Service Design at Central Saint Martin's in London, and for the past year she's been actively working with Design Thinking.

Eva Staneva – Senior UX Visual Designer @ Infragistics

Eva Staneva

All the time the laughing human has been fascinated by well-designed things, no matter what they are – a dance, a movie, a performance, a nice talk, literally any design product… and even a pretty cool book :) I enjoy experiencing so many things myself, things you can simply describe as: "Where design meets functionality and they really enjoy being together! Where life is pretty positive and bright and user feels like as if the product is designed especially for him!"

Lucia Amado – Senior UX Visual Designer @ Infragistics

Lucia Amado

Lucía Amado is a Senior UX Visual Designer with a strong interest in code and responsive solutions. With over 10 years’ experience she has seen some of the major changes in web design, from boxy table layouts back in the day of transparent GIFs, to the responsive and customizable experiences the industry has to offer today. Pragmatic and focused on usability, her weapon of choice is clean and effective design.

Leo Laskin – QA Manager and Automation Architect @ Spredfast

Leo Laskin

Leo is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, MA, USA with a BS in Computer Science. He has spent most of his career working in QA automation with a specific tendency towards ensuring that QA works as the user would. He has helped to ensure design quality is maintained while fulfilling ever changing requirements from a large user base.